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Chicken Animations

Well, I must admit there are some very cute chicken animations out there, although this page might drive you crazy! I'm showing my favorites below.

Since I found these all over the place, I would assume they are public domain. Use them if you like!



WattlesWattlesWattlesWattlesWattlesWattlesWattlesWattles3 Easter Chicks


Tiny JumperTiny JumperChick Chirping Chicks EatingChick Walking

Three Chicks3 Easter Chicks

Sister ChickSister Chick Sister ChickSister ChickSister ChickSister ChickSister Chick



SingerSinger WalkingRooster Foot Tapping WattlesWattlesWattlesWattlesWattlesWattlesWattlesWattles

There are LOTS of other animated chicks/chickens out there, but these were my favorites.

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