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The Poultry Project Blog - 2015, Year 8

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April 14 - Egg Eating Skunk

After days of trying to exclude the skunk from the chicken coop, we finally succeeded. Blocking all the holes it used to get under the walls of the coop, and wiring any opening bigger than 3 inches in diameter, I'm finally back to gathering intact eggs! Now the girls just have to put up with being locked in the coop till the sun comes up.

March 28 - Egg Eating Skunk

And I've been blambing chickens for eating eggs again. This morning I went out early in the morning to gather eggs and surprised a young skunk in the nests chomping away on an egg. Fortunately our mutual surprise didn't result in smelly stuff. I left and it left. Now what to do?

February 28 - Duck Report

She is apparently back to normal and back to laying an egg every day. I figure we will eventually lose her to the hawk, but for now we have gone against principle and named her. A black duck would be a perfect 'Daffy' but since that was a boy, ware are calling her Daphne.

February 21 - Duck Report

The injured duck is moving slowly and seems to have some trouble with her neck--not surprising. A patch of feathers is missing from a head wound. But she is drinking and walking. She doesn't want to go far from the barn. Maybe getting smarter? She laid an egg today, but that was probably already going through her system before the attack yesterday.

February 20 - Duck Report

Another hawk attack on the remaining Black Runner Duck. :-( Fortunately this time, I saw it happen and ran out to the pasture. Hawks don't like running, screaming women. The two were tumbling around in the grass when the hawk saw me come out and lifted up to the fence post. The duck is too heavy to carry away. She scrambled to her feet and ran to the barn where all the chickens already were hiding.

She was surrounded by her chicken friends and seems okay.

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