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On this site I have documented what I have learned about chickens, ducks and eggs since I began this project in 2008. I started with a few hens intended to supply eggs for my husband and me with a few to give to friends. Since then I expanded to as many as 38 chickens selling eggs to folks who want eggs from happy, pasture raised chickens. I no longer sell and am back to enjoying keeping a few hens just for hubby and me.

I hope you enjoy your visit with us. Jan

The Poultry Project Blog - Now, 2018, Year 11

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February 15, 2018 - Chicks!

Not the most exciting breeds, but these 6 babies will be egg-laying work horses for next winter. 2 each White Leghorns, Black Sex Links and Light Brahmas. See them in the Gallery along with pics of the older gals who are looking their best after a winter rest and molt. Encouraging them to get back to work by turning the lights on to simulate a 15-hour day.

January 6, 2018 - A New Home

Three of the hens left Fetler Farm to become a brand new poultry project for a young family who live nearby. They didn't want to start with chicks and were looking for adult hens to begin their journey.

Although most of my girls are molting, one of the three (Leghorn) is laying so at least they will have a few eggs to start with. I also gave them a Black Sex Link (brown eggs) and an Easter Egger (green eggs). When those 2 finish molting, I'll bet little boys will be pretty eggcited to gather a green egg!

This was a win-win because I was going to cull these girls anyway this year to make room for more newbies.

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